Novels by

David Dakan Allison

Book One: To Gather a Tribe

Note: Book One could be a stand alone Motion Picture. A TV Series could weave in parts of Book 1, but the arc story emphasis is on the storyline beginning with Book 2.

Story: In Portland, Oregon, a strong handsome 36-year-old American Indian Rights detective named Lucky Two Crows is hired by Clarence Two Moons, a wealthy Montana businessman, to solve an alleged murder on the Blackfeet Reservation. Lucky reluctantly accepts the job, since he isn’t a homicide detective, but it may be his chance to link his arch-enemy, Piedmont Syn, the Agro-chemical cartel who wants to lease Blackfeet land, to the murder of Harold Running Dog, the head of the Business Council, who was opposing them.

Clarence has ulterior motives, setting up his beautiful attorney daughter Summer to marry Lucky; who are currently married in a 1876 parallel life. This is the weaving in of the High Pony story. (see below) Clarence in present time is consciously Grandfather in that life. The drama is filled with fascinating characters, helping or obstructing, as Lucky solves the murder, and explores his relationship with Summer. This story has been written as a 500 page novel. The genres are Detective, Murder Mystery, Romance, Native America historical fiction, current non-fiction farming issues, Martial Arts, plus a metaphysical parallel life sub-story (High Pony).


  1. Lucky Two Crows – 36 year old American Indian Detective and computer hacking expert, a five degree Aikido blackbelt, mixed martial artist, horseman, archer, motocross rider, sax player and jazz/blues singer.
  2. Clarence Two Moons – 70-year-old Montana millionaire business man, who is also Grandfather in an 1876 parallel life, which weaves through this story.
  3. Summer Two Moons – 32 years old. Clarence’s attorney daughter, who was White Feather in 1876. In this first book Lucky has a love affair with Summer.

Woven into Book One is Book 5

Book 5 – High Pony 

This is an American Indian Story which can easily be woven into the beginning of the series, and to return at the end.

Story: In Crow and Blackfeet territory Montana. In 1876 Two Crows, then a scout for General George Armstrong Custer, has a vision of Custer’s death at Little Big Horn. When Custer rejects the heathen’s “nonsense,” warning, Two Crows deserts, is shot and presumed killed, but manages to return to his Blackfeet village. Two Crows and his new bride White Feather begin to dream of their future selves, Lucky Two Crows and Summer. He asks his Medicine Man grandfather to cure him of this Future Dreaming, as if it’s a curse. The Blackfeet war Chief and warriors want him to fight with them against the remnants of the 7th Calvary, who are seeking revenge from the Indian massacre at Little Big Horn. After leading warriors on to another massacre of 7th calvary soldiers, Two Crows decides to listen to Grandfather, to become a Medicine Man and ride the High Pony. Grandfather is also Clarence in present time, watching the whole previous story – and when it comes time to save Lucky’s life, the 1876 Blackfeet interfere across time and dimensions.

This story has been written. Historical Fiction. Parallel lives. Romance.


4. Two Crows – 21 year old 1876 Blackfeet Indian, former Crow scout of Custer. He dreams his parallel life future self – Lucky Two Crows.

5. White Feather – Two Crow’s 20 year old wife who also dreams of the future. Summer and also Taylor in present time.

Book 2  –  In Search of Horses  

Note: As a TV series the following would become a year or more of Episodes.

Story: In Portland, Oregon and Mexico. Four elderly people, Robert, Howard, Maggie and Sopi have disappeared from a dementia facility, Happy Acres, near Portland. Robert St.Clair is the 80-year-old recluse billionaire owner of Shambala Natural Foods, the world largest organic grocery chain. As soon as he leaves Happy Acres, the spinster Director accuses him of murder. Robert’s best friend Howard, has also been accused of murder. Over his objections, retiring Police Captain Jimmy Meriweather has been given the case, to be assisted by the obstinate yet attractive, 29-year-old Latino rookie Detective Taylor Banks. Our Native American hero Lucky Two Crows needs to come along, since secretly he’s being paid by Robert to make sure Taylor and Jimmy arrive at the final destination. The story highlights the complexity of Taylor, and Jimmy, who also runs a dojo as an Aikido sensei. Lily Vahn, Robert’s brilliant Botanist, is introduced to help the detectives in search of the missing people. Robert is a high profile person, a Howard Hughes-type enigma of national interest. Portland’s Police Chief orders Jimmy and Taylor to follow the old folks, keep it quiet, and bring them back; whatever it takes, before the press finds out. With Lucky and Lily’s help they follow the trail a week behind, first to Big Sur, California, where they meet an Immortal Master. They fly to Mexico City, and then on to the Yucatan, to Calakmul, and on into the Mayan jungle. This is high drama all the way. Detective Mystery. Travel Adventure., Hindu, Japanese and Mayan historical fiction all with a metaphysical twist.


  1. Robert St.Clair – 80-year-old five feet six, white recluse billionaire, ponytail to his waist, black sunglasses all the time, owner of the largest natural foods company in the world. He was raised for 30 years in Shambala to be the next Rinpoche. After 45 years he wants to return to paradise with his beloved Maggie, and best friends, and to finally deal with the fact he has a daughter.
  1. Taylor Banks – 29 year old Latino hardbody rookie Detective. She’s cocky, believing she’s smart enough to run the whole Police Bureau, as a rookie. She wants to be transferred to homicide, reluctantly accepts the missing person case, only to get wrapped up in it.
  1. Jimmy Meriweather – 64-year-old African-American Detective/Aikido Master, who just wants to retire and run his dojo. But he gets roped into this one last case, finding Robert before his alleged murder becomes national news.


Book 3 – One Path Home.

Note: As a TV series the following could easily be weaved in with the previous story, and add several years to the series.

Story: In Portland, Oregon and Mexico. We learn about the lives of Robert St. Clair, Maggie, Howard, and Sopi —all in their late 70’s. In Big Sur they meet a shaman, an Immortal Master, who tells them the paradise they are seeking is in the Yucatan. He later reappears as their pilot, who will guide them through the Mayan jungle to find a lost temple, which will be the portal to the place they are seeking in the 5th dimension of reality: Shambala. Robert has a past where he was a “Golden Child;” for thirty years trained to be the next Master of a Spiritual linage, which he thought was in the Himalayas. His plan is to take his best friends there. They continue on to Merida, and then with their Master in disguise pilot, they hike into the Mayan jungle where the old folks need to overcome one death defying obstacle after the other on their arduous journey. A week behind, the detective are on a parallel journey with another Immortal Master, Tenzin, Robert’s teacher while growing up. The eight people, in the two groups, each need to completely change their energy from fear into love, in order to enter into the 5th dimension, to find the portal to Shambala. At the end of this adventure the real reason for this meeting is revealed.

This story is full of mystery, romance, high adventure and danger, with metaphysical twists.

After Robert and his friends, Maggie, Sopi and Howard, disappear from Happy Acres, the spinster Director Mildred Rice accuses Robert of murder, reporting it to the Police Chief. Over his objections Jimmy has been given the case, assisted by Taylor Banks. He reluctantly gets involved, mostly because of his attraction to Lily Vahn.

  1. Howard Johnson – 78-year-old former African American Mississippi share cropper, hired by Robert as his organic farming expert. They are best friends for 25 years until Howard gets dementia.
  2. Maggie Sinclare – 78-years-old. Formally Robert’s massage therapist. On his death bed he realizes that she is his beloved, so he comes back alive to cure her and Howard of dementia, and decides to take them to Shambala.
  3. Sopi Nguyen– 76-years-old. She is the love of Howard’s life, and mother of Lily Vahn.
  4. Lily Vahn – 54-years-old. Robert’s personal assistant and Doctor of Biology; a top Shambala Foods executive. She goes with the detectives in search of the old folks and falls in love with Jimmy.

The old folks first go to Big Sur where they meet an Immortal Master, who tells them the Stargate to this paradise Robert seeks is in the Yucatan Jungle. They proceed to Mexico City, Merida and into the jungle at Calakmul. The detectives are a week behind. In their arduous journey through the Mayan jungles, all the characters must pass life threatening/life changing lessons, before they are allowed to enter the gates to Paradise.


Book Four – Back to the Garden

When the Detectives finally find the old folks at the Mayan temple, they are shocked by the four people in front of them, since the elders have reverse-aged to their mid-thirties. Robert reveals the reason why he has orchestrated the whole story and this meeting. Robert says once they walk through the Stargate portal, they will disappear for good. Lucky and Taylor, Jimmy and Lily, now couples in love, must return to Portland. Taylor, Robert’s biological daughter, takes over as the owner of Shambala Natural Foods and is worth $7 billion. Lucky has been paid $10 million and now has the means to build his next generation computer hacking facility; in order to launch his cyber revolution. They both know that her organic farm business will thrive if all GMO farming is eliminated. Once they begin the hacking, it becomes a Robin Hood story; stealing from cartel corporations, and putting the money into altruistic green companies, organic farms, and alternate technology. It’s the greatest act of Cyber Terrorism in history.

From the beginning of this arc story Tim Hawkins, a psychopath FBI agent, is out for revenge. He doesn’t know he’s George Armstrong Custer in a parallel life, who at his death is convinced the Crow scout Two Crows betrayed him at Little Big Horn. With no proof, from the moment they crossed paths, Tim is driven to arrest Lucky Two Crows, even more so after the “cyber terrorism” attack. He has no doubt Lucky is the mastermind. When the US economy takes a quick positive turn, the President takes credit and, to cover up the truth, sends out an order for the FBI to kill whoever did this. Thus, Tim’s ticket to hunt him down. Lucky and Taylor are in real danger, and when all seems lost, cornered and about to die, the 1876 Blackfeet Indians incarnation to help their future selves.

  1. Tim Hawkins – 52-years-old. Closet psychopath Portland FBI agent. George Custer in a parallel life, he’s now out to get Lucky, subconsciously, for causing his death in 1876. The story presents murder, deception, love and loss, mental illness, regret, hard life lessons and redemption. It also includes the intervention of higher forces, the inexplicable, illustrated as parallel lives. The journey to paradise illustrates the temptations we need to overcome in order to find true happiness and love. It also illustrates what follows enlightenment – Lucky’s efforts to create a fair and just world for all to thrive in, opening up new horizons.

This epic tale is being presented as a metaphor, a way of seeing that disempowering forces are futile. Revenge, greed, prejudice and economic disparity can be overcome through the power of love and the belief that it is possible. These characters are believable, intellectually stimulating and compelling to watch and get to know. This is a story that needs a wide audience and perhaps in that way it can become true some day.