The Author

David Dakan Allison

I’ve been an investigative reporter all my life, not as a profession; just out of curiosity, always seeking the truth. When I was 16 years old, the day Kennedy was assassinated, I didn’t believe the “lone gunman” theory. I studied Nikola Tesla in college, where I  first learned about the military industrial complex and how  powerful the food, oil, pharma, gun, drug and sex cartels really are. I never felt like a “conspiracy nut, and always like a scholar who researches the facts associated with the truth, no matter what textbooks or the press feeds into our minds.

As a novelist I want to present my finding regarding the agro-chemical cartels, in a easy to understand story form; historical in that these same “white powers” have been hell-bent on wiping out the American Indians since they first stepped on this sacred land. They continue poisoning the native people and taking their land, but now is a much more covert way. I would love to expose all this in an award winning TV series.




I’m a Scholar, Investigative Reporter, Fiction Writer and One Curious Old Fart


Here is a list of Books I’ve written. I also have two highly skilled Hollywood Executive Producers looking for how to get my Legend directly into a TV series. Now that would be awesome.

The world has been waiting for Lucky Two Crows!!

 The Legend of Lucky Two Crows series:

Book #1: To Gather a Tribe    

Book #2:  The Search of Horses

Book #3:  One Path Home    

Book #4: Back to the Garden

Book #5: The High Pony  

Book #6: Diary of an American Guru

Book #7: A Murder of Crows      

 Book #8: The Bangkok Bride

Book # 9: Black & White

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