D A V I D  D A K A N  A L L I S O N – N O V E L I S T

Don’t worry – Be happy


David Dakan Allison

I’m a creative visionary, an artist and novelist with a story whose time has come. In our 21st century reality draconian cartels have been controlling almost every facet of our lives, including the disease causing food we eat. It’s time for this to stop. For 10 years I’ve been writing four 500 page novels, with a historical fiction flair, which presents the problem and offers a solution. It’s the story with an American Indian detective hero, Lucky Two Crows, who in the story’s espionage thrilling conclusion launches a cyber-revolution which benefits all the people, putting down the ruling elite cartels. The story begins with a murder in Montana.

Our dream is to turn Lucky’s adventures into a mini-series, and then hopefully a long-running TV series. This site presents an overview of the first Lucky book – tentatively titled TRIBE, as well as an overview of my literary resume.



LUCKY TWO CROWS, a Portland Blackfeet Detective, heads a team of anti-agrochemical rebels. Clarence Two Moons, a wealthy Montana businessman hires Lucky to solve the murder of Harold Running Dog, the Indian Rights head of the Business Council. Harold dropped dead, or appeared to, during a debate on leasing land to the leading agrochemical food cartel Piedmont Syn, to grow crops on the Blackfeet Reservation.

Before going to Montana, Lucky is caught spying on a Piedmont Syn farm suspected of illegal toxic chemical use, drug trafficking and sex slavery. Lucky has to fight off trained Russian killers with his bow and arrows and expert martial art skills. The fights continue on his way to and while in Montana, where a cast of adversarial as well as helpful Indians are introduced into the story, including Clarence’s beautiful daughter Summer, an Indian Rights attorney. While solving the mystery, Lucky faces many obstacles before making the arrest, which is as surprising as is the culmination of the love affair.

This mini-series sets the scene for several more years of episodes taken from the David Dakan Allison novels. Lucky Two Crows helps solve a new mystery in the jungles of the Yucatan in Mexico, introducing a new cast of colorful lead characters. He then returns to Portland for his Cyber Revolution; a must watch Espionage Thriller.